Asakusabashi Building 4th Floor 19-8 Asakusabashi 4chome, Taito-ku Tokyo, Japan 111-0053
STEP Engineering is a design company which specializes in various plant designs and relevant engineering coordinating work.

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We are looking for motivated and lively skilled professionals.。
We do not ask your age by policy.

Contact Information
STEP Engineering Corporation
Asakusabashi Building 4th Floor 19-8 Asakusabashi 4chome,
Taito-ku Tokyo, Japan 111-0053
Telephone: 03-5823-1788
President & CEO: Yoshihiro Seki / 関 義博
(Our CEO will personally assist you with your inquiries).
Design Engineer
I am really thankful to the Lord for giving me a blessing to work at Step Engineering Corporation.
For someone like me who grew up in the Philippines, it was a great opportunity to be taught and raised
by professional engineers. Despite the fact that I lack the knowledge, skills and experience of this field, everyone in the company including the President himself is very supportive of me and teach me a lot things about this job.
It's still 5 months since I enter the company but I already experienced business trip, kick-off meeting
and different seminars. And thanks to them I could now use 2D and 3D CAD. Even though the job is tough,
my mentors are always beside me to help me and support me. And it gives me reasons to work harder
every day.
There is this article I read on Facebook that says, "Don't pick a job. Pick a boss" which really strikes me.
And now, I could finally say that I made a right choice.
Design Engineer
Since day 1, until now and from now on
Since I joined this company, I made a lot of different experience. They taught me everything step by step
in order for me to get used to the job easily. From learning the basic business manners, taking phone calls, operating PC to using machines at work. It's like being a first grader as an adult. Even now, I am still grateful for all these opportunity.
While working in this company, I realized that communication is really the most important factor on any kind of job. And it is a relief that the company I am now is environment-friendly and have mentors that supports and takes care of me. At the beginning, I was taught the basics of designing and to tell you the truth, storing all this knowledge inside my head is already enough for me. And even I desperately remember all the things about this job, I realized that it's not just about using all the knowledge you acquired but soon as you're given so much responsibility you will deal with a lot of problem that you need to solve by your own.
I encountered a lot of trouble and things that didn't work well the way I expected while doing the job.
But the feeling I get after I accomplish a job really paid off. And I hope that this feeling is connected to my job in the future.
From this day forward, it will be much tougher, many things I need to deal by myself and with the help of my mentors. But this will be a great step to improve myself every day and give me motivation to work harder as I go on this path.
Design Engineer
I joined the company in the middle of April after leaving my job as a public worker at an architect field for
3 years. Aside from doing architectural design drawing during my school days. I don't have any special knowledge and experience I could offer this company. But after I enter the company, my mentors taught me from the basic of making drawing to the use of 2D CAD software.
During my training of learning plant related basic knowledge. I noticed how much my understanding and capabilities are improving. Right now, I am still on training while receiving simple tasks from my seniors,
but one thing for sure is that plant engineering field has a great role in our society.
During my search for a new job my motto has been, "from amateur to first class engineer" and "do a socially significant job that competes against the world". And in this company, I feel that if I put my desire and effort in everything I can make my principle into a reality. As soon as possible I want to become independent so I could contribute to the betterment of the society, encounter a lot of opportunity and give all the best that I can.
Design Engineer
The moment I joined this company, for me to be able to get use to the job sooner, they give me all the necessary training that I need. They taught me how to use 2D CAD so I could learn the basic knowledge of pipe designing.
Even beginners could do this job with no worries at all. In learning 2D CAD, we are taught by our mentors that is almost same age as us, which makes it easier for us to ask questions of things that we don't understand. Thanks to our mentors for giving us documents and informations we need to understand clearly the basic knowledge of piping and explaining it very carefully to us.
Here in this company, they hold an annual event every year of May. It is BBQ party which fortunately I got the chance to participate this year. And thanks to that I got the chance to know more about my coworkers and I really had a great time with them. There are Filipinos in the company which is a perfect chance for me to enhance my English skill and thanks to that I got to know each one of them. Even at work, communication is not a hard thing to do so I feel that this is a cheerful company.
Design Engineer
I joined the company in the middle of May. My previous job was a construction worker at construction site.
I don't have any experience doing job related to designing but thanks to my mentors for putting a lot of time and effort teaching me from nothing all the necessary basic in designing. This company offers OJT so everyone who are willing to enter this kind of field could have a chance even without no experience at all. This company is still small but they have a lot of members in their team from professional engineers to veterans.
In this company, I think that the beginners have every chance to learn all about designing while engineers have the chance to think and decide by themselves. Our president is a cheerful person and all the staffs are very approachable. The president himself once told me that the most important thing in doing this job is your "connection with people" which made a great impact to me until now. The president himself still lives by this and I want to keep his principle with me as I go on this career. Currently, this company is still small but let us do all our best to make it a great company someday.